Professional Services

Board Meetings: Meetings are set every month, or as designated by your board of directors, either on site or off site utilizing the Network Management office.  This time is used to review and evaluate each line item to help communicate the status of finances, maintenance projects, insurance and legal issues, including foreclosures and contracts.  Gathering together regularly strengthens trust and opens communication which permits us to have an effective ongoing partnership with you and your association.

Financial Management:
Our financial management encompasses a full range of options for all your association needs which include budgeting, reserve analysis, accounts payable and accounts receivable.  To properly handle delinquent receivables, foreclosures and short sales we partner with Chestnut & Cambronne, a law firm focused on association law.  This, coupled with monthly status reports, allows us to be proactive while protecting your association and keeping you solvent.

Exterior Maintenance:
We maintain close communication with our service contractors to assure prompt, quality work.  Prior to any bid requests, our property manager's work together to establish a job specification sheet for all proposed work.  This simplifies the process so that contractors providing a bid can compare apples to apples, which removes confusion from the equation and saves you money.

Rental Property Oversight:
It is the responsibility of our managers to keep in close contact with the fee owner of a property so they are continually updated on their association responsibilities and that of their tenants.  This obligation may include collecting damage deposits, maintaining lease agreements, monitoring property repairs and handling collection concerns.